Grassroots/Coalition Building and Activation

Voices can be heard and goals can be achieved through the power of partnership and collaboration. To maximize a client’s chance of success, we pool our resources, knowledge and connections and identify the parties that hold a similar political agenda. By doing so, clients secure a unified power of more than one voice to better gain attention and support—thus, a stable network of like-minded individuals is built and launched.

Our grassroots and coalition solutions are developed to successfully connect key individuals and reach audiences, on a local, state or national level. It’s an approach that enhances the ability to reach the goals of each party involved, while forming a mutually beneficial, cohesive stance that enlightens and mobilizes. Often times, the alliances built aren’t short-lived; many result in long-term relationships that evolve into organic, ongoing partnerships.

Services include:
• Consultation and facilitation
• Planning and management
• Mobilization and activation

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